Hammerite - Hammer Tone Paints

What is Hammer Tone Paints?

Hammertone Coating is a specialist coating application that, when dried, looks like hammered metal. Consequently, it is also known as hammer paint or hammered finish paint. It is a popular application to coat metal applications and equipment such as trailers, tools, railings and pumps, just to name a few. As well as providing a decorative, aesthetically pleasing and corrosion resistant coating for metal, hammertone coating can also be applied to certain plastics and woods when applied over a suitable bonding primer.

Properties of Hammer Tone Paints

  1. Fast drying
  2. Range of Stock Colours
  3. Appealing Metallic Finish
  4. Good Weather & Abrasion Resistance

Applications of Hammer Tone Paints

  1. Steel Fabrications
  2. Trailers
  3. Machinery
  4. Pumps


11001 Hammerite Paint